Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sick day.

Up until 5 am today, Elijah had only thrown up once in his life. As of 9:45 am, he's up to four.

I've been dreading this day for a while. I kept wondering if it would be hard or sad or whether I'd know what to do. Turns out that the hardest part is trying to get him to sit still (no, Elijah, you CAN'T ride your big wheel; trust me, you'll regret it). It is pretty sad to see him begging for food and crying because he can only have one sip of Sprite. But he's handling it pretty well, I think.

We've gotten in some good snuggles, and he's enjoying unlimited tv access. I turned on the Christmas episode of Super Why!, and that sparked an interesting exchange.

Elijah: Is Santa here now?
Sarah: No, he's at the North Pole getting ready for Christmas.
E: Will he come today?
S: No, he'll come on Christmas Eve.
E: What's Christmas Eve?
S: The night before Christmas.
E: Oh.

[10 minutes later]

E: I wanna be a night before Christmas.
S: You do? I want it to be that night too.
E: Yeah. You be a knight, and Daddy will be a knight, and I will be a knight. We need shields.
S: … Yes, I guess we do.


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