Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Wriston Wednesday

We've been stuck in the house for the week. Elijah has some strange sickness that gives him fever and headache and a generally terrible attitude. It's pretty sad to see him begging for more blankets when he's wearing a fleece sleeper and covered in a sheet, a quilt, and a fleece blanket. It started Sunday afternoon after his nap when he couldn't stop talking about his neck hurting. I knew he was getting sick, but I had no idea it would mean fever till Wednesday. 

Wriston has been a trooper even though I know he's tired of being cooped up inside. He did just tell me his neck hurts, so I'm steeling myself for this being a wasted week. (I'm supposed to host my book club for dinner and discussion tomorrow night, and I'm seriously debating whether that's a good idea and if I should ask to cancel.)

Anyway, Wriston has been amazing me with his words lately. If he can't say something correctly, he'll try it over and over until he does. He's just now moving from calling Elijah "Yi-ya," and it's so funny to hear him enunciate it. Especially when he walks in and says something like this:

"Mommy? I like Santa."
"You do? That's great. Santa likes you too."
"Yep. Santa loves me. He loves me and Yi - he loves me and Yi - he loves me and Elijah and me. He does."

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  1. Poor mom and boys. I hope y'all are out and about soon!